analog and digital photo techniques with an art historical and documentary focus

works and lives in Leipzig


Born in the “cultural capital” of Russia, I spent most of my childhood climbing trees between ordinary Chrushchevka’s or escaping the summer smog in the Russian province.

As a teenager I carried around my first analog camera, the 1kg Zenit, the “legend” of Soviet cameras, without questioning all the f’s and 1/…. At some point I was able to memorize the technical know-how and no longer took pictures because of bokeh.

This site is primarily intended to reflect my curiosity about objects with history, interesting architecture and Slavic cultures. Although art will also play a role here, I am not particularly interested in big names.

Much thrilling to me are simply good pictures. They help me to feel, to see and to understand the world.


born in St.-Petersburg, RU, 1991 (two months before the collapse of the UdSSR)

migrated to Germany, Rostock, 2004

art history studies (M.A.), University of Leipzig & MLU in Halle, 2012-2019